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Maintain balance in winter

Days are now shorter and nights are colder now unless, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere. Cold, wind, rain, snow and darkness make it the time of year when the vata dosha is naturally most active. Vata is the dosha which is the most powerful of the subtle energies of the body and is the key dosha to be kept in balance if we are to age gracefully. Vata is subtle energy that is like space and wind. It is the dosha that controls movements of all kinds. Our conscious movements like moving your arms and legs, the involuntary movements such as your eyes blinking or your heart beating and the movements of your thoughts running through the mind. It also determines now dry your skin and deeper tissues get. Balanced vata means smooth skin, comfortable joints, steady energy, peaceful stable mood and great creativity. To give an idea of how we can keep vata in check and in balance, Ayurveda teaches that

Like increases Like

so if we want to send our vata energy wild, we can keep running around at every opportunity, get anxious about the holidays and give ourselves far too much to think about. We could also choose the more sane option and the remember the other half of the slogan

Opposites bring balance

and choose to physically slow down a little, take time to calm our minds and get organized so we can take the holiday season in our stride and enjoy the winter season.

Stay well!