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Stressless Summer!

With warmer weather and longer hours of day light, it seems natural to slow down just a little and take time to get outside, cool out and free yourself from the tight schedules and intensity of a busy year.

If this sounds like a good idea but somehow does not come naturally to you, here are a few ideas to keep on your refrigerator or bathroom wall to remind you how life could be if you could……

• Stop and smell the roses, be in the moment.
• Remember the three r’s – rest, relaxation and recreation – do it!
• Choose to exercise at cooler times of day or if you go to the gym leave time for a long cool shower after your work out.
• Abandon the evening news and listen to peaceful music.
• Meditate as regularly as you can. Little and often is better than hours on retreat.
• Get out into nature listen to her sounds and be nourished by her colors.
• Be at peace.
• Sleep on your right side and close your right nostril. This naturally cools your body according to Ayurveda.
• Wear light clothing made of natural fabrics that breathe like cottons, linen, bamboo and hemp.
• Surround yourself with cooling colors such as creams and the pastel shades.
• Visit places where you can swim or see an expanse of water. If this is not possible, a forest is the next best choice.
• Get a sun hat, carry a colorful sarong to cover your shoulders and wear sunscreen.
• Along with these general suggestions pay more attention to your diet. Certain foods are naturally cooling whilst other are heating.

Hope you are enjoying summer.