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How much should I eat?

Next time you are hungry, this ancient technique will help you decide how much to eat: Place your two hands together and make the shape of a bowl or cup. Limit your portion size to this volume, approximately 2/3’s the size of your stomach. Ideally, you’d fill your stomach with 1/3 food & 1/3 liquid, leaving some empty space so that you have room for digestion. The 1/3 liquid should come from soup or from small sips of water during the meal.

Remember that large meals leave you sleepy while a healthy portion improves your vitality and energy. Eating less, you’ll feel refreshed, happy, and ready for the day. If you eat too quickly, this amount of food won’t satisfy you initially. But if you eat slowly, your body’s natural appetite suppression mechanisms will kick in. Then, you’ll naturally feel satisfied.

It’s no secret that portion sizes have grown beyond healthy norms. By cupping your hands together, you’ll always know how much is healthy for you.

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