Green Policy

Politique de développement durable à la Villa Kerasy, 56000 Vannes

Nature is a precious resource that we work to protect on a daily basis

Our commitment to respect nature

At the Villa Kerasy, we do our best to control and reduce our CO2 emissions.

  • We raise our team’s awareness of ecological issues.
  • We sort all our waste, replace bulbs with energy-saving ones, preheat or cool rooms one by one.
  • We use cleaning products with the eco-label. We select our suppliers in Brittany for short excursions and/or organic products.
  • We try to reduce packaging and paper consumption (no more hotel brochures, recycling of rough paper, etc.).

To limit fuel consumption, Vannes is an ideal town for an eco-responsible stay: arrive by high-speed train, boat outings to the islands, town tours on foot or by bike (numerous cycle tracks in and around the Gulf of Morbihan).

How can we act together?

For example, you can:

  • use public transport or bikes at your disposal (4 hours bike hire for free during your stay),
  • switch off the lights on leaving your room,
  • reduce heating by 1 degree,
  • sort waste (wastepaper basket in your room and the rest in the bathroom bin)
  • and keep your sheets for an additional day.

Parc de la Villa Kerasy, 56000 Vannes