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Bamboo charcoal

During my last stay in Bali I  discovered and experienced Takersumi. I would like to share with you the benefits of bamboo charcoal. Though takesumi has many uses, some possibilities include:

1. Purify drinking water – Drop a small piece or bag into a glass or pitcher

2. Control humidity – Instead of using chemical humidity absorbers, toss a small bag or a few pieces of takesumi in places you may want to control humidity, especially during the rainy season/summer, such as your closet, dresser drawers, or shoe cupboard.

3. Air purification – Takesumi supposedly improves indoor air quality by absorbing harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, among others, due to its porous nature.

4. Deodorizer – Bamboo charcoal can also absorb odors. I’ve honestly found this to be effective in our home. I put a couple small bags in the fridge and it has worked better than even baking soda at keeping our fridge smelling good. Consequently, I also put a small bag in the bathroom.

5. Keep fruits and veggies fresher longer – I was skeptical about this but I put a small bag of takesumi in the crisper and our produce really does seem to last 2-3 days longer than without it in there.

6. Add to bath water – Takesumi makes the water more alkaline, similar to hot springs.

If you use the small bags of takesumi, you should occasionally hang them in the sun to “air out”.  I bring back with me some pieces which are available at hotel reception.