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Really Simple Yoga for the Neck

Sitting at our desk as we work at a computer for long hours can cause discomfort in the neck muscles. Not all of us are about to jump into spandex or stand on our head but anyone can do these simple stretches right at their desk.

Where do you store your tension?

If you ask most people where they store their tension they will more than likely say neck and shoulders. Most of us don’t resist a neck rub but if getting it is not possible, try this simple exercise and use this stress buster before you get into real pain or chronic tension.

2 Simple exercises

• Sit straight, keep your shoulders relaxed as much as you can and keep your feet flat on the floor.
• Bring your right ear towards your right shoulder and allow the left side of the neck to stretch.
• Then raise your right arm up and then bend at the elbow to allow your right hand to rest on the left ear for a while. Just allow the weight of your arm to weight the stretch.
• Take about 10 breaths to become comfortable in this position.
• Bring your arm back down to your side by first raising it upwards as you bring your head slowly towards the center.
• Repeat this exercise on the other side of your neck.


• Bring your chin downwards towards the chest, feel a stretch in the back of your neck.
• Bring your hands upwards and allow them to rest on the top of your head so that you feel more stretch in the back of your neck. Again your arms weight the stretch.
• Take 10 breathes to become comfortable.
• Bring your hands back to your knees and then bring your head up slowly.
• Sit straight so that the spine should feel stretched.
• Raise your chin up without dropping your head.
• Breathe into the chest deeply.
• Bring the head back to normal position.

Stay well!