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The Changing Seasons

Weather and seasonal changes affect our balance. Knowledge of the possible effects helps you to adapt your wellness routine to the season.

Vata season

The autumn and winter months, when it is cold and dry, are considered to be Vata season. When wind, cold, and dry weather continues, Vata accumulates in the environment which can contribute to a Vata increase or imbalance in the body. During this season, it is a good idea to adopt a more Vata focused diet and routine to keep Vata in balance. Stay warm, eat warm cooked foods, and don’t over exert yourself. Eat regular, balanced and cooked meals. Give yourself or get a warm oil massage and warm bath. Take quiet time for yourself. Try to keep a routine going of nurturing activities.

Pitta season

Pitta season occurs during the summer, when the weather is hot. To keep Pitta in balance during this time, eat cooling foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables. Drink cool liquids frequently, and avoid the sun at the peak of the day. Accept loving care. Play more! Avoid oils, fried food, salty and spicy dishes. Keep cool physically and mentally. Trust your feelings and express them in ways that support you and those around you.

Kapha season

Springtime is Kapha season, when it is cool and damp. This is the time you are more likely to get a cold from an increase in congestion. Stay warm, eat light meals, and get enough regular exercise to help keep Kapha in balance. Get out, get involved. Brush your hair a lot. Dry brush your body daily. Invite excitement and challenge into your life more.

Ayurveda is not a medicine or treatment that addresses symptomatic relief. The approach is to treat the whole person: the body, mind and spirit – in order to restore balance.

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