A week in Brittany 7 Day discovery program


Morbihan – “Little sea” in Breton

From land to sea, a sublime encountermorbihan

For some the Morbihan is the southern coast of Brittany. For you, it will form a union between the land and the sea – the very values on which the economy of the department is built.

Today will be taken up with small valleys, rocky spurs, rivers and forests at the heart of the land, while tomorrow will be spent with the Lanvaux moors and the castles and chapels, which dominate the landscape.

Other days will be devoted to the harbours, tidal mills, estuaries, rias, and the calm or raging sea to the neighbouring islands.


Historical, religious, natural and cultural heritage

Do not try to see everything at once. Make the most of it. You will need several lifetimes to encounter the thousand faces of the Gulf of Morbihan or the Brocéliande forest or to see the mauve of the copses turn into reddish brown.

All year round, the mild oceanic climate welcomes you, in Autumn or in Winter, amongst the gorse, mimosas and camellias, and in Spring or in Summer, amongst the palm trees, rhododendrons and magnolias.

It was may be to make the most of the 2040 hours of sunshine in the Morbihan that man, one fine day, began to raise curious edifices of granite turned towards the setting sun.


7 Day discovery program

Day 1: Vannes Old Town (walking tour)

Formerly a Gallo-roman capital and home to the Dukes of Brittany. Vannes is today one of the most outstanding towns in Brittany for its architectural heritage. Within a stone’s throw from the ramparts in the middle of the town, the port is one of the countless centres for walks and recreational activities. Vannes is not satisfied with being a picturesque town on the Gulf of Morbihan ; it is also the most dynamic medium-sized town in France.

  1. Hôtel de Limur sejour-en-bretagne-sud
  2. Town Hall – 1886
  3. Gaillard castle, musée d’histoire et d’archéologie
  4. La Cohue, musée des Beaux-Arts
  5. the remparts
  6. Saint Pierre cathedrale
  7. Les Lavoirs
  8. La Tour du Connétable
  9. La Prefecture 1865
  10. Quartier Saint Patern

Day 2: Golfe du Morbihan (auto tour, cruise or flight)

  • day cruise on the gulf of Morbihan with 2 stops on Ile aux Moines and Ile d’Arzarz
  • Auto tour to Arradon
  • Larmor Baden – Ile de Berder – Ile de Gavrinis
  • Le Bono
  • Auray city
  • Saint Goustan harbour
  • 20 minute flight over  Golfe de Morbihan from Vannes airport

Day 3: RhuysSUSCINIO Peninsula (auto tour)

  • Noyalo
  • Le Hezo
  • Saint-Armel
  • Sarzeau
  • Le Logeo
  • Tumulus de Tumiac – Pointe de Penbert (Arzon)
  • Port Navalo
  • Petit Mont – Saint-Gildas
  • Pointe Saint-Jacques
  • Château de Suscinio
  • Pointe de Penvins

Day 4: Megalithic Tour (auto tour)

  • Locmariaquer (grand menhir, table des marchands)Alignements, de, Kermario,
  • Pointe de Kerpenhir
  • Ile de Gavrinis
  • Saint-Philibert
  • La Trinité sur mer harbour
  • Carnac alignments
  • Erdeven (Kerzhéro and Crucuno) .

Day 5: Quiberon Peninsula (auto tour)

  • Carnac
  • Pointe Saint-Colomban vague
  • Plage de Plouharnel
  • Fort de Penthièvre
  • Portivy – the wild coast
  • Pointe de Beg er lann and castle
  • Saint-Pierre Quiberon
  • Port Haliguen
  • Quiberon
  • Pointe du Conguel

Day 6: La route des Châteaux des Ducs de Bretagne (auto tour)

  • Kerguehennecchateau-de-josselin
  • Pontivy
  • Josselin
  • Comper
  • Le Crèvy
  • Rochefort en Terre
  • Plessis Josso
  • Suscinio

Day 7: More (auto tour, cruise)

  • Musée de la Compagnie des Indes – Port-Louis (54 km from Vannes)
  • Etel estuary (36 km fromVannes)
  • The islands of Belle Ile,  Houat and Hoëdicbelle ile port
  • Quimper (120 km fromVannes)
  • Pont-Aven (90 km fromVannes)
  • Pointe du Raz (178 km fromVannes)
  • Broceliande forest (70 km fromVannes)
  • La Baule (77 km fromVannes)
  • Le Mont Saint-Michel (180 km fromVannes)