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Our mixed facial treatments

The Express Break

Gently purifies the skin, giving it a radiant complexion and a silky touch.
Ritual, make-up removal, exfoliation, mask for an express treatment that will be adapted to your skin type.

30 min –  60€


The cool break

A fresh treatment for a fresh and luminous complexion, adjustable to all skin types, a diagnosis will be established upstream to best target your treatment.

1h – 80 € 

The Detox Break

A real detoxifying treatment, it stimulates cellular activity, quickly recovers skin problems, such as pimples, provides a healing effect.
Hydrate et éclaircit le teint.

1h –  80€

The top firmness break

Anti-aging care ritual, reduces and corrects the visible signs of time: wrinkles, fine lines.
Stimulates cell renewal, hydrates and tones in depth.

1h30 –  90€


massage of the world

In the four corners of the world, well-being massages have been developed with different techniques to bring relaxation and well-being to body and mind.
Come and discover our world massages and let yourself be transported by your 5 senses for an unforgettable sensory journey at Spa Kerasy.


Back massage

Enveloping and dynamic, this back massage brings you great muscle relaxation through its friction and kneading maneuvers.

30 min –  60€


Foot reflexology

Enveloping and supported, this massage of the feet and the arch of the foot helps to fight stress
and release energy blockages.

45 min –  70€

Kerasy Signature

Slow and intense, this signature massage created by Spa Kerasy will relax you with its smoothing, kneading and friction maneuvers to release muscle tension and bring a moment of fullness to body and mind.

45 min – 70€
1h – 90€
1h30 – 135€


Slow, soft and enveloping, this massage practiced with warm perfumed oil, gives you a moment of immediate relaxation on the body and the mind.

45 min – 70€
1h – 90€
1h30 – 135€


Deep and rhythmic, this massage combining the hands and forearms, by imitating the movement of the waves, allows muscle relaxation, the elimination of toxins, and the harmonization of the mind.

45 min – 70€
1h – 90€
1h30 – 135€

The Kansu bowl

Dynamic, this foot massage with a kansu bowl and its ghee, reduces nervousness, rebalances anxiety and anger. It brings calm and well-being.
*Option + 15 minutes: foot bath and jasmine flower scrub

30 min – 60€
*45 min – 70€

Abyanga of the back

Tonic and dynamic, this back massage releases energy blockages, relieves physical and emotional pain, it reharmonizes the back.

30 min – 60€


The Shirodhara, is a unique treatment, a trickle of warm oil is poured on the 3rd eye and the forehead, it helps to calm the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, eliminates toxins, improves the quality some sleep.
This treatment requires preparation, please book in advance.

45 min – 85€

Taimabhyanga (Pregnant Woman)

Soft and enveloping, this Ayurvedic massage for pregnant women relieves tension in the back and legs, stressed during pregnancy. It reduces stress, improves
the quality of sleep, boosts blood and lymphatic circulation.
Recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy.

45 min – 70€
1h – 90€
1h30 – 135€


Tonic and dynamic, this massage releases negative energies, eliminates toxins while harmonizing the energy flow of the body: Prana.
Practiced with lukewarm organic sesame oil all over the body.

45 min – 70€
1h – 90€
1h30 – 135€



Soft parenthesis

Hammam |15 min + Exfoliation with argan bark | 30 mins + Kerasy Massage | 45 mins

1h30 – 125€

Well-being parenthesis

Turkish bath | 15 min + Matcha scrub | 30 mins + Hammam |15 mins + Relaxing Massage 60 mins

2h – 145€

Serenity parenthesis

Turkish bath | 15min + Sugar scrub | 30min + wrap | 30min + Hammam | 15min + Massage des îles | 60min

2h30 – 195€

Soft parenthesis

30 min of à la carte treatments + 30 min of relaxation (Indian steam bath, experience shower, heated bed and an infusion adapted to your dosha) per person.

1h – 135€

Well-being parenthesis

45 min of à la carte treatments + 45 min of relaxation (Indian steam bath, experience shower, heated bed and an infusion adapted to your dosha) per person.

1h30 – 175€

Serenity parenthesis

60 min of à la carte treatments + 60 min of relaxation (Indian steam bath, experience shower, heated bed and an infusion adapted to your dosha) per person.

2h – 225€