Dreaming of distant shores, letting your mind wander…


Our vocation is to invite you to travel without constraint, without jet lag to dream of distant shores, to let your mind wander… in the footsteps of the first Breton navigators.

Villa Kerasy delicately invites your senses to awaken an initiatory journey in the discreet temple of flavors and scents from the Orient.

We are at Villa Kerasy, a welcoming hotel conducive to healing.

In a house transformed by travel


La Villa Kerasy Hôtel & Spa combines the elegance of a large 1920s residence with the change of scenery of a counter on the Route des Indes.
Because the former hosiery factory has traveled since it was transformed into a charming hotel: its rooms and its spa evoke Canton, Ceylon or even Bourbon while its garden could be called Kyoto!

The elements of the decor were sourced in Asia. Two elephants to stand guard in front of the house, uniquely decorated rooms in exotic wood reminiscent of the epics of Breton navigators sailing to distant lands.

To sum up, Simplicity, charm, well-being and relaxation are the key words of LA VILLA KERASY.

It is in this spirit that we are part of the regional network of Charming and Character Hotels in Brittany, which since 1999 has brought together more than forty independent professionals who share a philosophy – the art of welcoming with simplicity – and requirements for great comfort. around unique and exotic places to make your stay an unforgettable moment of welcome.

Our commitment to respect nature

At Villa Kerasy, we strive to control and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • We make the team aware of ecology.
  • We ensure the selective sorting of waste, replace low consumption light bulbs, preheat or cool the rooms one by one.
  • We use eco-label cleaning products. We select our suppliers in Brittany for a short circuit and/or labeled organic.
  • We take care to reduce packaging and paper consumption (no more hotel brochures, recycling of rough paper, etc.)

To limit fuel consumption, Vannes is ideal for an eco-responsible stay: arrival by TGV, by boat to the Islands, exploring the city on foot or by bike (bike tours and numerous cycle paths all around the Gulf of Morbihan ).