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Bounded by the sea and defined by its traditional character, Brittany is a beautiful region in the North West of France. Fishing villages are nestled in the bays along the Atlantic seaboard, while the verdant countryside is dotted with quaint villages and fairy-tale medieval castles. The landscape varies from peaceful moorland and rainforest, to secluded sandy beaches and spectacular seaside scenery. From its rocky headlands, the rugged coastline offers magnificent ocean views.


Vannes, ideal base for exploring southern Brittany

Land side or sea side, Vannes concentrates at 1/2 hour unmissable and varied sites. Even without a car, you can discover extraordinary places on foot, by bike, by boat, by train (the corkscrew). The hardest part may be choosing…

Celtic influence

Brittany is a land of myths, legends, with a fascinating history. The region has a Celtic influence with a dialect linked to Gaelic, and the local gastronomy is delicious. From Kouign Amann to “galettes” (buckwheat pancakes), passing by wheat pancakes for dessert, you will succumb to gluttony (caramel, chocolate or fresh strawberries during the season). Bretons are proud to celebrate Breton culture in traditional costumes through pilgrimages, and festivals of folk music and dance.

A thousand and one faces

If your heart is torn between land and sea, South Brittany does not impose any choice and is illustrated by varied landscapes with multiplied colors. Like the Gulf of Morbihan, which forms a symbolic link between the ocean and the continent, the only department with a Breton name (Mor-Bihan means “little sea”) takes shape between bluish rivers, green forests and golden shores. You will be amazed! Here the Nantes to Brest Canal winds its way, there the legends of Brocéliande assert themselves, further on the wild coast of Quiberon is torn apart and offers a unique spectacle to the eye.

A land of emotions

On the nature side, there is no shortage of ideas. Let yourself be surprised by the Morbihan countryside and its picturesque villages: Josselin, Rochefort-en-Terre, Lizio. The charm of the stone will transport you from stories to daydreams to discover the local heritage: chapels, castles and museums take you on a journey out of time… as far as the origins of humanity questioned by the many megalithic monuments of the department whose alignments of menhirs of Carnac are the jewel.

A land facing the ocean

And why not a getaway by the sea? The 900 km of Morbihan coastline are as if sculpted in lace: rocky peninsulas, secret coves and fine sandy beaches flirt with the crystalline ocean and sketch dizzying curves. The beaches will seduce you and intoxicate you with their holiday scent. Between sports break and zen parenthesis, well-being will be there!

The islands of Ponant

The aptly named Belle-Île-en-Mer, Groix, Houat or Hoëdic will know how to be accomplices in your escape. The blue immensity reserves unexpected pleasures like so many pearls to cultivate… and even more when approaching the Gulf of Morbhan. The legend counts as many islands in Morbihan as there are days in the year. Something to live the adventure on a daily basis!

Morbihan Tourisme



  • Day 1 : Walk in Vannes
  • Day 2 : Gulf of Morbihan
  • Day 3 : Isle of Rhuys
  • Day 4 : Circuit of the megaliths
  • Day 5 : Isle of Quiberon
  • Day 6 : Route of the Castles of the Dukes of Brittany
  • Day 7 : For further

Day 1 :
Walk in Vannes (on foot)

Keystone of the Gulf of Morbihan, Vannes is a very old city. Its ramparts shelter one of the most beautiful ensembles of ancient architecture in Brittany. The port comes to the heart of the city to mix the reflections of sails, trees and medieval houses. Formerly the residence of the Dukes of Brittany, Vannes has been awarded 5 times since 1990: the most dynamic medium-sized city in France. On a human scale, this city offers inexhaustible sources of discovery. Always close to the historic center, never far from the sea, you can walk there happily.

  • Limur Hotel
  • City Hall – 1886
  • Château Gaillard or Museum of History and Archeology
  • La Cohue or Museum of Fine Arts
  • The walls
  • Saint Peter’s Cathedral
  • Washhouses
  • The Constable’s Tower
  • The Prefecture 1865
  • Saint-Patern district

Jour 2 :
“Golfe du Morbihan”

  • Cruise 2 islands for the day with stopover at “Ile aux Moines” and “Ile d’Arz”
  • Grand Tour Cruise of the Gulf and the Auray River
  • Auto tour: Arradon (one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the gulf)
  • Larmor Baden – Berder Island – Gavrinis Island
  • Bono
  • Saint-Goustan
  • Auray medieval town – Vannes
  • 20-minute flight over the Gulf of Morbihan departing from Vannes aerodrome.

Day 3 :
“Isle de Rhuys”

  • Vannes – Noyalo
  • Le Hezo
  • Saint-Armel
  • Sarzeau
  • The Logeo
  • Tumulus de Tumiac – Pointe de Penbert (Arzon)
  • Port Navalo (entrance to the Gulf)
  • Petit Mont – Saint-Gildas
  • Pointe Saint-Jacques
  • Château de Suscinio
  • Pointe de Penvins – Vannes

Plage des Fontaines, Pointe de Bilgroix, Port Navalo

Jour 4:
“Circuit des Mégalithes”

  • Locmariaquer (grand menhir, table des marchands)
  • Pointe de Kerpenhir (Gulf entrance)
  • Isle of Gavrinis
  • Saint-Philibert
  • The port of La Trinité sur mer
  • Alignements et plage de Carnac
  • Erdeven (Alignement de Kerzhéro et dolmen de Crucuno) .

Jour 5:
“Presqu’île de Quiberon “

  • Vannes – Carnac
  • Pointe Saint-Colomban
  • Plage de Plouharnel
  • Fort de Penthièvre
  • Portivy – La côte sauvage
  • Pointe de Beg er lann et son château – Saint-Pierre Quiberon
  • Port Haliguen
  • Quiberon
  • Pointe du Conguel – Vannes.

Jour 6:
“La route des Châteaux des Ducs de Bretagne”

  • Vannes – Kerguehennec
  • Pontivy
  • Josselin
  • Comper
  • Le Crèvy
  • Rochefort en Terre
  • Plessis Josso
  • Suscinio – Vannes

Jour 7:

To go further in Bretagne :

  • The East India Company Museum in Port-Louis (54 km from Vannes)
  • The Ria d’Etel (36 km from Vannes)
  • The islands of the ocean: Belle Ile and Houat – Hoëdic
  • Quimper (120 km from Vannes)
  • Pont-Aven (90 km from Vannes)
  • Pointe du Raz (178 km from Vannes)
  • Forest of Brocéliande (70 km from Vannes)
  • La Baule (77 km from Vannes)
  • Mont Saint-Michel (180 km from Vannes)
  • … more info on the blog of BZH Explorer

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